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Bali Ocean Walker

It was impossible for human walking on sea bed but now it is possible for everyone. This is more than a tour, this is great adventure that can make you feeling like a fish. Interacting with them, feeding them, and touching them. All of them are possible to do. Don’t worry if you can’t swim, can’t hold your breath for a long time, because we guarantee you can walk on the seabed by using equipment. This under water adventure can be enjoyed for 30 minutes.

Bali Ocean Walker
Best Combination
No. Title Departure Price
1 Bali Ocean Walker + Rafting 09.00 AM US$ 75/Person
2 Bali Ocean Walker + Jet Ski + Fly Fish + Parasailing + 2 Hours SPA 09.00 AM US$ 90/Person
3 Nusa Dua 2X Dive 09.00 AM US$ 75/Person
4 Bali Ocean Walker + Lovely Beach + Uluwatu Sunset + Dinner 09.00 AM US$ 70/Person
Tour Conditions
1 Our tour price includes entrance fee, performance ticket, sarong for visiting temple, and meal (lunch or dinner based on tour itinerary chosen).
2 The payment accepted is either in US $, RUPIAH, or other currencies based on the latest exchange rate.
3 Our tour price is reasonable. No hidden fee, no trap, no deceit.
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