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Ayung River Rafting

Ayung River, Taman Saraswati Temple, Art Villages, and Monkey Forest

Bali Adventure Tour
USD 50/person
Minimum booking: 2 persons

Loka Bali Tour also provides you other Bali Adventure Tours, and this package is one of them. Here are the places to visit: Ayung River, Puri Saraswati, art villages, and Monkey Forest. This amazing adventure will start at 9 am. We will come on time to your hotel to drive you the places. Before you start reading, please note that this adventure package is for at least 2 persons. If you plan to book for one person, you will pay an additional charge of 50% of the cost.

Ayung River is the first place to visit. As the icon for rafting activity, this river can be said as the best river to enjoy rafting. This adventure is well known as Ayung River Rafting. We will prepare the equipment, so you only need to book this package and then enjoy the activity.

The next place to visit is Taman Saraswati Temple Ubud. This temple is well known as the water temple that is located in the center of Ubud. You will see the classical temple, and this is the best spot to take a picture in classical Balinese architecture atmosphere.

Then we will visit some art villages around Gianyar Regency. They are Lotunduh or Batuan village, Celuk Village, and Batubulan. In Batuan Village we will see how our local people paint. This place is well known as the home of painting. Celuk village, the village that produces gold and silver accessories, is the next village to visit. Here you can see the process of production then buy some to be a souvenir. The last village to visit is Batubulan. This village is famous for its Batik, the traditional textile that is original from Indonesia and it is unique in every region. Balinese Batik has its own pattern if you compare it with Javanese Batik.

The last place to visit is the Monkey Forest Ubud. This is well known as the natural garden where monkeys live. You can see many of them in this place, so don’t miss a chance to take pictures. Please note that don’t look at their eyes, they may be feeling threatened. But don’t worry there are some local guides that will guide you during the adventure.

This package includes:

• Transportation: a private driver
• Lunch
• All tickets
• Towel
• Rafting equipment
• Insurance for rafting activity

This package excludes:

• Photos/videos during your rafting activity

Belongings to bring:

• Comfortable sneakers/slippers
• Other clothes
• Sunblock
• Camera

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