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Bali Zoo The Main Focus In Family Destination

The zoo is one of the main list places in the family destination. Being able to see animals enjoy animal shows, and feed is the purpose of coming here. The cool and comfortable place will add to the attraction of the zoo. In Bali, there is a zoo with a simple name but has a beautiful and exciting impression to visit, the name is The Bali Zoo.

Located in Jalan Raya Singapadu, Sukawati, Gianyar. You can find in 6 kilometers from Denpasar City. The strategic place makes you can get the Bali Zoo too easy. Let’s join to a new adventure in the Bali Zoo.

A zoo is a wondrous place who has more than 500 rare and exotic animals in a lush in the tropical environment. On this zoo, visitors can enjoy the animal show that held in every day. Also, there are so many activities that can be done in Bali zoo. The most favorite for children is interacting with many adorable animals. All the things that we’ll do in this place are always accompanied by zoo officers.

One of the most attractive animal shows in Bali zoo is a Bird Show. Bird Show will present birds that are so exotic and performed in twice a day. This is a good time for children to learn about rare birds and interact with them closely. But, it must consider the birds show schedule is so short. So, don’t watch it too late.

In the morning, we can do breakfast with Orangutan. They will accompany our breakfast time. Beside the table there are 4 orangutans, usually, the baby of orangutan will be left to play here but still guarded by the zoo officer.

The thing you can’t miss in Night of Bali Zoo is lunch with Lion. There has a restaurant in the next to Lion Cage. This is very interesting. We can eat the food at the same time observing the activities of the king of the forest in their throne. But don’t worry, this restaurant has a window divider with super thick glass. Sometimes, the lion will walk alongside the window and even hit the window with their heads in the window divider. They also usually roar so loudly that makes a sound very scary.

Besides seeing animals, in the night Bali zoo also has a fire dance as an entertainment that is danced by peoples from Sukawati. Really interest and attractive because the visitors can enjoy the fire dance and join to dance together. On the road line of Bali Zoo has a place for outbound for company, family and so on. There has a flying fox which has a length of 125 meters.

So, let’s complete the list of family destination on Bali Zoo. Enjoy the various type of rare animals and any entertainment that has a show every day. We can learn for education, we can seeing and interacting that closely, also have enjoyed the time for every second in the tropical environment.  

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