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Taman Ayun Temple: World Heritage Area for Rice Field Irrigation System in Bali

Don't miss one of the best temples in Bali, a quiet place to cover peace. The large royal water temple Taman Ayun Temple, surrounded by a wide and elegant ditch, is the main temple of the Mengwi kingdom, which lasted until 1891 when conquered by the closest kingdoms in Tabanan and Badung. This temple was built in 1634 and was extensively renovated in 1937. It is a vast place to explore, far from the crowds.

Taman Ayun Temple which is registered in UNESCO as one of the World Heritage List is located in Mengwi Village, Badung Bali. Located about 18 kilometers from the Denpasar city.

The first is a wide, open, grassy expanse, and the inner courtyard has many Meru (terraced reserves). Lotus flowers fill the pond. This temple is part of the Subak site (complex rice field irrigation system) recognized by UNESCO in 2012.  The atmosphere of the Taman Ayun Temple Bali is also very soothing, especially when enjoying the view of the garden which looks beautifully arranged neatly, combined with the green carpet of grass that cools the eyes of those who see it and are always kept clean. Traces of well-preserved tropical rain trees become a harmonious blend of temple worship places with recreational tourism spots.

In general, the area is divided into two parts, namely the inner courtyard and the outer courtyard on the outside of the pond. while the inner court is divided into 3 regional areas, namely: The First Court is the courtyard in which there is a place for religious activities, rest and the stage of the arts. The second court is higher than the first courtyard, where in this area are carved art and 9 reliefs of temple guards in every corner of the wind which according to Hindu beliefs in Bali, the nine reliefs symbolize the power of Dewata Nawa Sanga.

The third court is the inner court with the highest location, where there is a coiling door in its middle position. Well, this door will only be opened during religious rituals such as the entry of Pretima, statues and other ceremonial equipment. while the other 2 doors which are on the right and left side, it's commonly used every day as the entrance and this is the holy area and most important place in this Taman Ayun Temple because there are several temples and Meru.

As you know, to enter a Balinese Hindu temple, there is a special dress code that you must wear when you visit. You must wear a sarong and a scarf tied around your waist. Also, you need to cover the top of your body like wearing a t-shirt.

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