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Snorkeling and Visiting Mangrove Point/Forest

Penida & Lembongan Tour
USD 75/person
Minimum booking: 2 persons


This Nusa Lembongan Tour includes two activities in Nusa Lembongan Island. There are snorkeling and visiting the mangrove forest. This tour will start at 6.30 am from the south area of Bali. If you are not staying in the south area, please inform us of your location in details.

Please note that this tour is for at least 2 persons. If you book this tour package for 1 person only, you will pay a 50% additional charge of the price.

Our driver will pick you up at your lobby hotel on time. Then we will drive you to Sanur harbor. To get Lembongan Island, it takes approximately an hour. In Lembongan Island, our driver will wait for your coming. The first activity that you will do is Nusa Lembongan Snorkeling. Enjoying the underwater life in the morning while feeling the fresh water will be a memorable activity on this island. The coral reef that is kept by the local people and the clear water will be an unforgettable activity on this island.

The next activity to do is visiting Mangrove Point Nusa Lembongan. This is a mangrove forest in Nusa Lembongan that can be accessed by traditional boat. This will be an amazing experience in Nusa Lembongan that you can tell to your family in your home country. The traditional boat is used because it is a must in keeping the forest. You will be delivered into the forest in traditional nuance that is also quiet, so you can enjoy the forest. After this activity, you will get your lunch, Indonesian food, before going back to Bali Island and your hotel.


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